St Mary’s pupils can receive various awards at a weekly Assembly; these include Good Work certificates which recognise outstanding effort and talent in the classroom, and Statement for Life religious certificates which are awarded to the children who are most closely living up to the religious goal for that week. 

Children who always set a good example of behaviour at lunchtimes can be selected to sit on the Captain’s Table at the end of the week, and are rewarded with a small prize.  There are also personal badges, bronze, silver and gold, awarded for set amounts of Dojo points earned by each child.

Each week the class with best attendance and best behaviour are selected to keep a special Cup in their classroom for one week.  Totals of Dojo points are also collected in a league table, which is used along with House Sports results to calculate the House of the Year.

As well as these published awards, there are also Head Teacher’s Postcards which are sent secretly each week to pupils’ home addresses.

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