Each class in our school has a class saint who they pray to. These saints have been specifically chosen by our staff. Children complete work based on the saint and hold celebration days on their Saint’s day. If not possible (for example if it falls on a weekend or during holidays), an appropriate day is found on which to have a celebration.

Nursery – St Mary

Reception – St Mary – we repeat this because not all of our Reception children will have been at our nursery and is a good introduction to being within our school.

1OD – St Mother Teresa

1LF – St Nicholas

2W – St Clare

2D – St Francis of Assisi

3B – St Jude

3R – St Bernadette

4M – St Patrick

4GB – St George

5H – St Christopher

5T – St Cecelia

6B – St Josephine Bakhita

6L – St David

The class celebrated St David’s day and spread their joy across school by sharing their information and daffodils with staff!