Islam – Summer 2023

We held a week in school to find out about Islam. We used artefacts and made links to our own faith. Each class had a different aspect of the faith to study, including the five pillars of Islam, pilgrimages, holy books, places of worship and stories related to The Prophet PBUH. We had visitors to our classes who shared their faith with us.

Sikhism – Autumn 2023

Our school held a week finding out all about Sikhism. They studied different aspects including the 5Ks, the Mool Mantra, the story of Guru Gobind Singh, places of worship, holy books and how Sikhs pray.

Judaism Week – Autumn 2023

Our school held a week discovering the roots of Christianity through studying different aspects of Judaism. We had reflective celebrations of Hannukah, Rosh Hashanna and Passover across three year groups, with other year groups learning about the Torah, what a Synagogue is, how Jewish people pray and what Jesus and his friends were celebrating before the Last Supper.