Who are the High Five Helpers?

The Team

The Learning Pit

The Learning Pit is a tool to help show us how we can build a positive mindset to climb out of difficult situations – these might be in our work, our friendships or other things which just make us feel low. Here are a couple of examples.

Neil Armstrong – Emotion Study 5T

5T discussed how Neil Armstrong might have felt on his moon mission, as part of their Space topic. Here are some of their thoughts….

World Mental Health Day

In October, we celebrated World Mental Health Day. 5T created an emoji dictionary.

Children’s Mental Health Week – February 2024

Our school participated in lots of different activities over Children’s Mental Health Week in February, including a live webcast with Place2be and the School of Kindness, work done in computing lessons on staying safe on the internet and a visit from Altru Theatre planned for the beginning of March.

One of the activities the children participated in was to think about what was most important to them and write or draw them in a spiral. We will be updating our Mental Health display at the front of school with all of the hard work the children have put in to what they view as important.