As the family of St. Mary’s, learning and growing in God’s love, joyfully, we pray, play and respect all, changing our world forever.

Mission Statement

At the start of the year, our children completed work in their classes about our Mission Statement. Each classroom now sports their own mission hoop, on which children have decorated what their understanding of our mission statement is. Our Upper Key Stage Two children also worked together to create freeze frames and videos to further develop their understanding of what it means to change the world forever. Each half term, either our Vision Statement or our Mission Statement are revisited.

Mission Statement Hoops

Each class has designed a hoop to display their understanding of the Mission of our school. Here’s some examples

Nurturing growth, igniting dreams, building futures, guided by God.

Our Vision Statement

Created by our School Council alongside the Governors and staff, our new Vision Statement sets out how we want to achieve our Mission Statement. In the Summer term, we focussed on our Vision Statement by thinking about what dreams we all had for our futures and how we might achieve them. In Spring 2024, we will be revisiting our Vision Statement by thinking about how we can be guided by God in our lives. The video below shows how we launched our Vision Statement in July 2023.

We have completed work around our Vision Statement including:

  • Nurturing Growth: Thinking about how we help each other to grow in faith – UKS2 drew posters with bible references on to display in each classroom and thought about how they could use the Bible to help others feel welcome and positive;
  • Igniting Dreams: Writing our own Little People, Big Dreams book covers, saying what we dream for in the future;
  • Building Futures: Each class has had a class discussion about if they were Prime Minister, King or Queen for the day, what would they change to make the world a better place for all.
  • Guided by God: We discussed what Stewardship looks like at St Mary’s and how we all can be guided by God to make changes to our world. We used this to help us in our promise to Care for Creation. We also created class prayers.