As the family of St. Mary’s, learning and growing in God’s love, joyfully, we pray, play and respect all, changing our world forever.

The purpose of the 5Ws throughout our school is to reflect the framework of the Diocese of Salford, which is rooted in the roots of the Early Church.

WelcomeComeCome together in a spirit of welcome for all
WordTalkTalk and learn together as a Word of God community
WitnessWorkWe look at our School mission statement and work together as a witnessing community
WelfareWalkWalk together as a welfare community caring for everybody
WorshipPrayWe pray together as a Worshiping community


We are all welcome in God’s name, as God’s children. We strive to include everyone within our communities and celebrate our diversity. We promote a mutual respect to build self-esteem and a sense of community as part of the kingdom of God. 


Inspired by the Word of God, our school community live in the service of each other in their daily lives. The teaching and learning in Religious Studies is a main focus for the school and all students are encouraged to engage with the ‘Big Questions’ in life through higher order questioning and thinking.


Religious Studies is the foundation of our school and its principles are maintained across the curriculum and life of the school. We are witnesses to the Word of God in our actions using scripture to guide us in our relationships and behaviour.


As a whole school we aim to service and offer reverence for the dignity of the individual as a child of God. We want to enable every student and adult to ‘have life to the full’ in cultivating an attitude of respect for each other among the whole community.


We aim to use the Word of God to nurture our spirituality through worship opportunities such as meditation, imaginative prayer and reflection. We can reflect on spiritual, moral, social, and cultural issues through Collective Worship and participation in liturgy and recognise faiths and beliefs of other people in our school community.