A message from our Eco Warriors

The eco warrior green team at St Mary’s have had a great start to the year so far! Pope Francis has written a letter addressed to every person on the planet, asking us all to protect the earth. Here at St Mary’s we have been thinking about how we can all play our part to protect our common home.
After being elected to be part of the team the eco warriors have set to work on their first project of the year, ‘Switch Off Fortnight.’ We are celebrating this event between 18-29th November 2019.
As individuals, we can take important steps to answer Pope Francis’ call by examining our lifestyles, reducing our consumption, and being conscious of our choices. Here are St Mary’s our dedicated green team are committed to reducing the amount of litter in the school grounds and carry out weekly litter picks every Friday. They are also well tuned in to raising awareness of how to use energy efficiently. Watch their latest video which has been watched by all classes in the aim to reduce our energy usage every day.

What you can do to help

  1. think before you flick the light switch! Do you need the light on in daylight hours? Remember to turn the lights switch off when you leave a room empty.
  2. reduce the length of time you spend in the shower. The longer the hot shower, the more water and gas are used to heat the water.
  3. turn off your televisions and video games and pick up a book!
  4. Before you switch on the dryer see if you can hang wet or damp clothes on a maiden or on the back of a chair.
  5. For people who love to watch television or use their iPads and computers, create a checklist of what should be turned off each time they leave their room. Think of lights, computer, and wall switch.