Fighting for justice locally

Our school have been instrumental in fighting for justice and equality for those in our local community who have nothing and aren’t as fortunate as ourselves.

Our School Groups meet Andy Burnham

Our pupil voice groups – Young Interpreters, Mini Vinnies, GIFT Team, Laudato Si, School Council – all had the chance to meet with the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, on a visit to our school recently. They found out that he is Catholic and was keen to hear about everything we do in our school to be better stewards of our environment as well as what we do to promote justice and peace around the world. Here are some of the issues that our children raised with Mr Burnham.

Science Ambassadors meet our MP

Our Science Ambassadors are going on a visit to St Peter’s school on Friday 8th March to participate in a debate and meet our local MP to deliver letters on how they believe Science should be taught more equally across the country.

Lighthouse Project

Every term, we donate food and other household items to the Middleton Food Bank Lighthouse Project.

Springhill Hospice

We recently raised over £2,000 for the local hospice. Springy, their mascot, came to say thank you in an assembly! Our Mini Vinnies team spearheaded this initiative and won the Caritas Love in Action Award for their efforts.

CAFOD’s Big Lent Walk

As part of our Lenten activities, we have been participating in the Big Lent Walk. Our Mini Vinnies and School Council are also holding a cake sale and children have been making badges to accompany their Lenten journey this year.

School Choir visit Tesco

At Christmas, our school choir raised £300 by carol singing at the large Tesco in Middleton.

Chapel Choir participate in Mass

Our Chapel Choir have now led the singing in church on three occasions, with a further occasion coming up on the Saturday before Palm Sunday. Why not come and join in!

Altar Servers receive their Caritas Award

Our three most experienced Altar servers received the Caritas Love in Action Award for their tenacity at altar serving both of a weekend and when school attend church. Well done, girls! They will also be the first to be put forward for the Faith in Action Award because of their commitment to their service.

Debate Mate

Our Debate Mate team went to the Debate Mate Cup on 4th March… stay tuned to hear how they did! They have also been participating in the Urban Debate Mate league this year, winning both of their debates so far. Well done, team!

Year Three Sacramental Programme has begun!

Our Year Three children have now begun their journey to deepen their faith, with Mrs Brown and Miss Dakin helping support their journey alongside Father Tadgh. Our whole school community continue to pray for you all this year.

Tree Planting – Laudato Si Team

Our Laudato Si team will be helping to plant 120 trees in the coming weeks to further enhance our new woodland path. They have designed where they would like them to be planted. Every tree helps to offset the carbon emissions of our school and helps to make the planet a better place.

The Care for Creation Promise

Mrs Bollado has signed a Promise to commit to making better choices and to develop an action plan for change within the community. This is guided by our Catholic faith and a desier to protect God’s creation for future generations. In addition, each class is going to use this Promise and create their own ideas on how we in school can be stewards for our environment, linking to our Mission Statement to change our world forever.

World Water Day and Earth Day

We will be celebrating both World Water Day and Earth Day in the next few weeks, involving raising money for a town in Uganda to build a well for their community. To help with this, Miss Thomas’ Rock Choir are also holding a concert on 22nd March to raise money for Hope House in Uganda. Good luck, Rockies!