Members of our staff provide inspiration to our community by participating in local, Diocesan and international events on a voluntary basis.

Within our staff, we have Scout and Cub leaders, staff who aid the sick and elderly on pilgrimages to Lourdes, staff who participate actively in the local parish singing in the choir, cleaning and also reading in church. Above is a picture of Miss Dakin reading at a service at Lourdes. She helps to organise the Youth Pilgrimage. Next year is the 100th year of our Diocese going to Lourdes.

We also have staff who raise money for charity as part of other organisations. Mrs Bryan runs her own charity for the homeless in Manchester. Our chidlren are fully aware of the charitable nature of our staff and this helps to inspire them in to raising money and donating to the local food banks and donating food to Mrs Bryan’s charity.

Miss Thomas runs Rock Choir Stockport, who were a large part of a choir who raised £15,000 for The Christie last year. They also raise money for Maggies, Comic Relief, Children In Need and are involved in a Ugandan charity called Hope House this term who are raising money for a Ugandan school. Miss Thomas hopes to make links with this school community and our own.